Victoria Baroque Players’ successful beginning- three concerts in eight months!

In its first eight months of existence the Victoria Baroque Players has played three entire concerts, and if you ask me I would say that with each concert the ensemble has only gotten better. I sense there is quite a bit of buzz around this ensemble now, and I hope it will keep growing!

Each concert has seemed like a journey of its own–in the process of putting everything together, starting with planning the programme, bringing the performers together, promoting, then rehearsing, and finally performing.  I and David are the only people with the privilege of seeing and being part of every stage of this process. (We are still very small-scale and home-made in our organisation!) Before moving to Victoria I never dreamed of becoming a concert organiser of any sort or forming my own ensemble, but life can take unexpected turns, and here we are.  Judging by the enthusiasm of the members of the ensemble and the audience, these concerts seem to be providing something that has been missing in Victoria before.

For our latest concert, ‘Bach in Green Pastures’ Nov 13th 2011, we had a total of twenty-six people on the stage, with quite varied backgrounds.  Amongst the eight professional players several had decades of experience playing this music, whereas our six vocal soloists were all still students, and many of the choir members devoted amateur choristers with no music degrees. Despite this, we managed to pull together a convincing performance (see review) and make real music, and I am sure that for many this project was also an important learning experience, not least for myself in many ways!  I feel huge delight to be in the position of bringing all these people together to make this wonderful music, and creating opportunities, especially for young emerging artists.  (After all, I feel very grateful for all the opportunities I have had myself.)

The Victoria Baroque Players’ next concert ‘Bach on Palm Sunday’ is just around the corner, on April 1st 2012. I can guarantee another evening of exciting music and music making!

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